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OH-209 Vaughan.mp3
Oral history interview with Gene Vaughan about life growing up in Mississippi during the Great Depression, how his whole class volunteered in 1943 to be aviator gunners, but he wanted to be a pilot like one of his older brothers. He did basic…

OH-210 Nichols Audio.mp3
Oral history interview with Clarence Edwin Nichols about life during the Great Depression in Alabama, where he was/what he was doing on Dec. 7th. He was drafted in May 1945, and did basic training over the summer. He reenlisted after having mustered…

OH-211 Dye Audio.mp3
Oral history interview with Harold C. Dye about life in South Carolina during the Great Depression, working in a Pensacola shipyard, basic training, war experiences in the Pacific on troop ships and landing craft, and the transition into post-war…

This newspaper article lists the Marine Studios employees who joined WWII, which branch of the military they served in, any medals received, and places traveled.

This document provides a 6 month deferment for Arthur F. McBride (Marineland Curator) before joining the WWII effort so that Marineland can find a suitable replacement.

Marineland engaged in shark repellent research for the US Navy during WWII. This document is a letter regarding the physical structure for housing the repellent.
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