Marineland Dolphin Adventure Archive Collection


Marineland Dolphin Adventure Archive Collection


Terran McGinnis
Facility Historian and Manager of Community Development
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Marineland Dolphin Adventure was founded to foster the preservation and protection of marine life. Our mission is to utilize interactive education, enhanced by on-site research, to inspire visitors to value and respect marine mammals and their environment.


All rights belong to Marineland Dolphin Adventure.

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Terran McGinnis
407-563-4701 ex. 112


The items are scanned and printed copies of original paper documents in the Marineland archive.




Memos, newspaper articles, government materials


Pre- and Post-WWII documentation via internal office memorandums, newspaper articles, and government materials

Access Rights

The Marineland archive is not open to the public but requests to visit or to receive a scanned copy of an item can be submitted to

Is Part Of

Marineland Dolphin Adventure
9600 Oceanshore Blvd.
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The resource is a series of printed copies of original documents. The copies are 8.5" x 11" each.

Accrual Policy

Any item related to Marineland Dolphin Adventure's history is gratefully accepted into the collection.


Anyone interested in the history of Marineland Dolphin Adventure

Collection Items

Arthur McBride - Class II Deferment
This is a document sent to W. Douglas Burden, the president of Marine Studios, alerting him to the fact that Marineland's Curator, Arthur McBride, has been given a 6 month deferment for joining the war so that Marineland can have time to find and…

Correspondence re: shark repellent created by Marineland for the US Navy
This is a letter from Lieutenant David H. Quinn to Marineland Curator, Arthur McBride, about the method used for creating a container for shark repellent created by Marineland researchers for the US Navy as part of the shark repellent research…

Internal memo re: potential closure of Marineland due to WWII
This internal memo is between Marineland's 3 founders (W. Douglas Burden (President), Ilya Tolstoy (Vice President), and C.V. Whitney (Chairman of the Board) regarding a potential closure of Marineland due to WWII (loss of staff due to draft, loss of…

Marine Studios Employees Have Service Records Covering World - newspaper article
This newspaper article lists the Marine Studios employees who joined WWII, which branch of the military they served in, any medals received, and places traveled.

Class II Deferment
This document provides a 6 month deferment for Arthur F. McBride (Marineland Curator) before joining the WWII effort so that Marineland can find a suitable replacement.

Letter from US Navy to Marineland employees re: shark repellent research project
Marineland engaged in shark repellent research for the US Navy during WWII. This document is a letter regarding the physical structure for housing the repellent.
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