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Chemical warfare manual.jpeg
The chemical warfare book features typed instructions and handwritten illustrations. This belonged to Jay Owens, former USCG member that trained in St. Augustine during WWII. 130 pages.

Sketch cartoon drawings of a recruit with a vampire figure about to administer a shot, secondary sketch of a pig.

Arthur Chestnut, a U.S. Coastguardsman stationed in St. Augustine made drawings twice a month for The Shield, the official magazine…

A trainee walking and swinging a bucket of paint while under the watchful eye of an officer, west side of the Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, FL

A Coast Guard Trainee, sweeping the grounds on the West Side of the Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, FL

Company "G 1" in white uniforms, Coast Guard Training Station, St. Augustine, Florida

SPARS Trainee by the Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, FL, February 1943

Coast Guard Reserves Trainee at the Front Gates of the hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, FL

2002010 001-1_Lighthouse.jpg
Company B-2, Coast Guard Training Station at the Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, Florida

A group of Coast Guard trainees in the Barracks, St. Augustine, FL
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