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In the mid-2010s, the Bob and Dolores Hope Foundation and the World Golf Hall of Fame created an exhibit, “Shanks for the Memory.” The collection spans Hope’s whole career from his beginnings in Vaudeville to his movies and Christmas Shows. Hope’s USO shows started on May 6, 1941 at March Field Base and from there on he traveled during World War II to encourage and preform for the troops. He authored, I Never Left Home, about his experiences in World War II.




To spread the Bob Hope legacy, the Foundation transferred a large portion of the collection to the University of Florida to make the collection more accessible to researchers, students, and the public. The World War II items were transferred to the National WWII Museum, which allowed for the creation of a temporary exhibit, So Ready For Laughter, which is now a traveling exhibit.
Only copies of some photographs remain at the World Golf's Hall of Fame location. The originals are housed at the Library of Congress.

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Rights Holder

The Bob and Dolores Hope Foundation maintains rights to the items owned by Bob or Dolores Hope including the copies of photographs included on this site.

Collection Items

Bob Hope with Tuskegee Airmen
Bob Hope visiting with Tuskegee Airmen at an unknown location in 1943.

[USO Show in Bizerte, Tunisia]
P-38 fighter base near Bizerte
L-R: Tony Romano, Bob Hope, Frances Langford, and Jack Pepper on a makeshift stage

Bob Hope on Stage
Bob Hope on stage with soldiers crowded around the make-shift stage and even sitting up in a tree to his right.

[USO Show in Bizerte, Tunisia]
Overhead shot of audience and Bob Hope on a make-shift stage.

Bob Hope Dancing on a Stage
Bob Hope dancing on a stage in front of a live military orchestra as part of USO show with a truck outfitted with loudspeakers. Audience crowded around the truck.

[Bob Hope at Fleet Hospital #110]
Bob Hope performing on a lawn at Fleet Hospital #110 for the patients.

[Bob Hope in Mannheim, Germany]
USO Show members with soldiers and/or Army airmen in Mannheim, Germany with newspapers that have the headline "Peace." Some people are holding wine/beer bottles or glasses, and cigarettes.USO members are in the second/third row, L-R: Jack Pepper,…
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