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Online tutorial explaining how to find St. Johns County World War II resources housed in Tallahassee that have been digitized and made available for free online. Information is also shared on how to gain access to non-digitized documents.

Marineland engaged in shark repellent research for the US Navy during WWII. This document is a letter regarding the physical structure for housing the repellent.

This document provides a 6 month deferment for Arthur F. McBride (Marineland Curator) before joining the WWII effort so that Marineland can find a suitable replacement.

This internal memo is between Marineland's 3 founders (W. Douglas Burden (President), Ilya Tolstoy (Vice President), and C.V. Whitney (Chairman of the Board) regarding a potential closure of Marineland due to WWII (loss of staff due to draft, loss of…

This is a letter from Lieutenant David H. Quinn to Marineland Curator, Arthur McBride, about the method used for creating a container for shark repellent created by Marineland researchers for the US Navy as part of the shark repellent research…

This is a document sent to W. Douglas Burden, the president of Marine Studios, alerting him to the fact that Marineland's Curator, Arthur McBride, has been given a 6 month deferment for joining the war so that Marineland can have time to find and…
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