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English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Burmese, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, and Thai

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Holders of a St. Johns County Public Library (SJCPL) card can check-out physical materials and download electronic materials. Non-holders of a St. Johns County Public Library card should contact their local library about Inter-Library Loaning physical materials owned by SJCPL.

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Please use this link to access a listing of the branches in St. Johns County to find the closest library to you, phone numbers, and hours of operation.
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Accrual Method

If there is a title you would like to see the SJCPL system order, please consult instructions as listed on the Purchase Recommendation page. Requesting a title does not equate to the library system purchasing the item. If an item is urgently needed, please consider submitting an Inter-Library Loan request.


The bulk of SJCPL's World War II collection is intended for adults, but there are a small number of items appropriate for children.

Collection Items

Online tutorial explaining how to find St. Johns County World War II resources housed in Tallahassee that have been digitized and made available for free online. Information is also shared on how to gain access to non-digitized documents.
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