Flagler College's Oral History Collection


Flagler College's Oral History Collection


Mr. Steve Voguit, Dr. Kelly Enright


Interviewers: Flagler College Public History students


Oral history's conducted by Flagler College students talking to locals on a variety of subjects.


For information about copyright, please contact the current professor-supervisor of this project:
Dr. Kelly Enright


The formats used for this collection came in a variety of print, digital, and media forms. Most of the non-born-digital formats are in their original containers and have not yet been digitized.


All interviews were conducted in English.

Access Rights

Please visit the original website for this collection and use the "Contact Us" button to find out what the access rights or research rights are for the interview(s) you wish to use.

Date Created

2010 - 2016

Is Part Of

Flagler College
74 King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084


There are over 170 interviews in this collection.

Collection Items

OH-209 Vaughan, Gene
Oral history interview with Gene Vaughan about life growing up in Mississippi during the Great Depression, how his whole class volunteered in 1943 to be aviator gunners, but he wanted to be a pilot like one of his older brothers. He did basic…

OH-210 Nichols, Clarence Edwin
Oral history interview with Clarence Edwin Nichols about life during the Great Depression in Alabama, where he was/what he was doing on Dec. 7th. He was drafted in May 1945, and did basic training over the summer. He reenlisted after having mustered…

OH-211 Dye, Harold C.
Oral history interview with Harold C. Dye about life in South Carolina during the Great Depression, working in a Pensacola shipyard, basic training, war experiences in the Pacific on troop ships and landing craft, and the transition into post-war…

OH-223 Barnett, Marian
Marian Barnett discusses her experience in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) program. She also talked about the Hotel Ponce de Leon being used for training for the male members of…

Part A of this interview is missing, and information about this interviewee and the date of the interview is therefore missing as well.
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