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Report v1 no1 5 April 1944.pdf
"Camp Blanding Report" published for the Station Complement During the Latter Years of World War II.

USO Show members with soldiers and/or Army airmen in Mannheim, Germany with newspapers that have the headline "Peace." Some people are holding wine/beer bottles or glasses, and cigarettes.USO members are in the second/third row, L-R: Jack Pepper,…

From Here.pdf
Considered a classic, this book is about two romances set against the backdrop of the before, during, and after of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Yank Magazine.pdf
Weekly magazine produced with the soldier in mind full of contemporary articles of Army life at home and abroad between 1942 and 1945. There are also cartoons and a "Mail Call" section where soldiers have written into the magazine with comments.…

Aerial of Station Hospital.jpg
Aerial photo of the Camp Blanding Station Hospital and Reception-Induction Center, with Kingsley Lake in the background.

1941_0110 The Dixie.pdf
Newspaper published by the 31st Infantry Division while they were stationed at Camp Blanding.

I58 cropped.jpg
Black servicemen in dress uniforms visiting from Welch Convalescent Hospital (Daytona Beach) pose in front of Castillo chapel. Weekly visits to the park were arranged by the American Red Cross.

Bob Lentilhon 1945 Germany 2.jpg
Pictures taken of Bob Lentilhon before and/or during the interview with Bill Napper for Serve and Protect: Stories from WWII. Mr. Lentilhon was a sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War II.Photograph of Sergeant Lentilhona are included on this…

V1 N1 31 May 1941.pdf
A weekly newsletter for Station Hospital staff during World War II. The Camp Blanding Museum holds a complete collection of "The Bulletin" for the war years.
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