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SAP 7 - Unit War Report 149th Field Artillery Battalion 2nd BN 116th FA 1940-1944 - UF00047694-00001.pdf
In the late 1980s, Florida National Guard historian Robert Hawk created a series of Special Archives Publications for distribution to public and college libraries. These publications were later digitized and made available online at the University of…

FLNG WWII Casualties.pdf
This is an excerpt from the annual report of the Adjutant General of Florida. Members of the Florida National Guard who died while on active federal service during World War II are identified.

1941-42 Inducted WWII.pdf
This report lists by name every individual called to federal service who was a member of the Florida National Guard and the unit to which he was attached.

1939-40 AGR mobilization 31st ID.pdf
This general order issued to the members of the Florida National Guard in November 1940, identifies all components of the 31st Infantry Division that were ordered to active federal service effective 25 November 1940.
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