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Mary Boyle in uniform.jpg
Pictures taken of Mary Boyle before and/or during the interview with Bill Napper (pictured) for Serve and Protect: Stories from WWII. Mrs. Boyle was a Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. Photograph of Corporal Boyle is included on…

Still photographs from the recording of Dr. McCoy's keynote address given prior to the screening of Serve and Protect in Flagler College's Lewis Auditorium. Dr. McCoy was a U.S. Marine Corps Corporal during World War II.

Nov. 2008, Dr. Giles McCoy's speech about WW2 in USMC on the USS Indianapolis, filmed by the Veterans Council of St. Johns County, Chairman Bill Dudley, program director Michael Rothfeld.This speech was given at Flagler College's Lewis Auditorium.

From a small senior community near St. Augustine, Florida, over 30 veterans came together to share their stories. Pictures and period video are included.
Produced by Flagler College TV Workshop Students and by Bill Dudley, and directed by Michael…
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