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Bill Ingram.jpg
Pictures taken of William "Bill" Ingram before and/or during the interview with Michael Rothfeld for Prisoners of War: Stolen Freedom. Mr. Ingram was a Chief Boatswain's Mate in the U.S. Navy during World War II.Photograph of Chief Ingram is included…

Prisoners of War: Stolen Freedom compares the stories of four American servicemen through their time as prisoners of war in three major 20th century conflicts; World War II, Korea and the Vietnam War. Their stories are supported by archival motion…

Henery Grave talks about his experiences during World War II when he was in Europe. He talks about his travels to France, Belgium, Poland, and Russia. He also talks about when he was in Germany, where his company was attacked and he was captured,…

Voluntary Hostages.pdf
This book documents the efforts of the Swiss International Red Cross to assist POWs in German internment camps. Photographs and maps are included.
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