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Hand-drawn pictures of aircraft used in by Axis Air Forces during World War II.

This book by Aline Griffith, who went on to write several additional sensational books, that are considered to stretch the truth of her contributions to the U.S. intelligence community during World War II in Spain touches on her time as a spy. The…

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Pictures taken of Peter Pinto before and/or during the interview with Earl Kidwell (pictured) for Serve and Protect: Stories from WWII. Mr. Pinto was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War II.Photograph of Sergeant Pinto and his wife on…

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Pictures taken of Mario Patruno before and/or during the interview with Michael Rothfeld for Serve and Protect: Stories from WWII. Mr. Patruno was a Private First Class paratrooper in the U.S. Army during World War II.The first photograph was taken…

From a small senior community near St. Augustine, Florida, over 30 veterans came together to share their stories. Pictures and period video are included.
Produced by Flagler College TV Workshop Students and by Bill Dudley, and directed by Michael…

This is a book about the history of, the creation of, and the displaying of (at that time) the oversized panels that reproduced photographs onto fabric and in thread that document the D-Day invasion. Not all the illustrations are in color.

Henery Grave talks about his experiences during World War II when he was in Europe. He talks about his travels to France, Belgium, Poland, and Russia. He also talks about when he was in Germany, where his company was attacked and he was captured,…

This is a pocket-book to help soldiers/sailors quickly reference common words in the languages of countries they were likely to be deployed to, to assist with communication with local peoples.

This newspaper article lists the Marine Studios employees who joined WWII, which branch of the military they served in, any medals received, and places traveled.
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