Florida's Victory Vitamin C:

"Because Florida citrus fruits are such gold mines of this vitamin, countless cans of grapefruit juice are shipped to our fighting forces."
Florida Citrus Commission, Lakeland, Florida

Welcome! This digital exhibit is the beginning of what we hope will turn into your gateway to resources on World War II throughout Northeast Florida.

To the right you will find listed the name of each library, archive, or museum taking part in this digital exhibit. The list is not exhaustive, but will help you start your research. Please contact each location about access to their collections.

The digital exhibit was started by the eight institutions taking part in the "Our Remembrance of the 75th Anniversary of World War Two" event on November 6, 2020 in order to allow people unable to attend in-person a chance to see some of the items on display. Because of COVID-19 restrictions it was decided that a digital version would be welcomed by people living in the greater St. Augustine area.

Our title banner was designed by Flagler College Fine Arts major, Micayla Robbins, as part of her internship in Special Collections. Her inspiration came from learning about the origins of Florida orange and grapefruit juice to help soldiers and sailors combat scurvy. To read more about this forgotten history, please go here: World War Two and the Vitamin Sea (quote at the top taken from the period flyer included on the website), or Florida Orange Juice Has Roots in World War II Military. The poppies are a recognized symbol for Veteran's Day that need no introduction.

In addition to the curators of each institution, the following Flagler College students assisted in the creation of this digital exhibit in Fall 2020: Miss Megan Lepak (Public History & Art History major), Miss Micayla Robbins (Fine Arts major), Miss Caroline Martin (Public History major), and Miss Hope Dickson (Hospitality & Tourism Management major).
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